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In 2008, Connie Stromei founded The Medic Group out of a passion and desire to aid in the rehabilitation process of people who are experiencing pain. Connie runs and operates The Medic Group with her daughter Stephani. Her ultimate mission is to change the field of massage therapy by approaching massage in a scientific and medically supported manner to obtain long term effects of an individuals' healing. 


She believes, "Education is the key to obtaining long term effects of healing." 


Here at The Medic Group, we believe educating clients on self-care is a major component in getting them back on track and productive in their everyday lives. At any level of service, we like to be sure we are giving the best care possible to each patient who comes to see us by doing as complete an evaluation as our scope of practice allows. We strive to ensure, through specialized techniques, that your overall well-being and health enhances your quality of life. 


We believe working with our patients as a team provides beneficial and long lasting results. 


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Congratulations to you, Ms. Stephani!

We couldn't be more proud to see your path turn into furthering your career in the field of medicine.

UNM Medical School  - Doctor of Physical Therapy.


See you back at TMG clinic in three years, soon to be: Doctor Stephani Class of 2025!



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